SUSTAINABILITY For international hotel chains.

Currently, an average of 1 million PET bottles are consumed globally every minute.
We have a quick release cartridge design for reusable housings, perfect for guest room installation.
Compared with the traditional way of providing bottled water, our environmentally friendly filter cartridge is designed to provide reliable and energy-saving water purification solutions for hotel rooms. Not only reliable filtration, but the design of no need to discard the filter shell is more environmentally friendly and economical than ordinary filter cartridges.
Our filter material adopts the technology of hollow fiber membrane combined with high-density activated carbon block, which can effectively remove bacteria, lead and chlorine, and ensure the safety and taste of drinking water.
Different from the central RO system, we install bacteria-filtering filters under the faucets in the guest room to reduce the possibility of pipeline contamination.
I would like to invite you to consider using our products so that your hotel can replace bottled water, reduce plastic waste, improve environmental image, save costs and increase competitiveness.

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