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Reduction Lead & Heavy metal Scale inhibition Activated coconut carbon block water filter

WHF-089S / 10 inch Reduction Lead & Heavy metal Scale inhibition Activated carbon block water filter

This advanced filter combines the power of activated carbon to effectively dechlorinate and remove odors from your water. Additionally, it utilizes a specially designed media to remove lead and heavy metals, ensuring the purity of your drinking water.

Not only does this filter deliver clean and safe water, but it also features scale inhibition properties. By effectively preventing the formation of scale and buildup inside pipelines, it helps maintain the integrity of your plumbing system and promotes a safer and more stable heating system.

Upgrade your water filtration system with our WHF-089S filter and experience the benefits of purified water free from lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and unpleasant odors. Your health and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Filter Spec

Place of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number


Filter Spec.

10” Filter

Filter Material

Activated coconut carbon    (NSF)
Metsorb    (NSF)
KDF    (NSF)

Material Origin

Activated coconut carbon : Taiwan
Metsorb : USA


Reduction Lead & Chlorine
Remove Taste & Odor in the water
Filter out a part of heavy metals
Effectively keep the inside of the pipeline from fouling and make the heating system safer and more stable.

Filter Life (Liters / Months)

Reduction Lead : 5,000 L (NSF standard @80%)
Reduction Chlorine: 30,000 L
water filter replacement


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