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WHF-094 / 10 inch Anti-Scale domestic water filter

No need to add a water softener.

It effectively prevents calcium and magnesium ions in water from bonding and forming calcium carbonate (scale), which is stable and cannot attach to pipes, equipment surfaces, or heat exchange components. You can replace or add an anti-scale water filter to upgrade your water filtration system and turn your water dispenser into a home water softening system.

(Note: Scale inhibition is different from softening water)

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Filter Spec.

10” Filter

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Filter Life (Liters / Months)

56,700 Liters

Why Anti-Scale Filter

Calcium creates scale in pipes, on appliances and other plumbing surfaces.

This leads to higher heating and energy costs and expensive repairs fee, such as ice machines, coffee makers, dishwashers and boiler in commercial applications.
Scale can also be a source for bacteria grow.

On the other hand, calcium is very important to human health, should not remove all the calcium in drinking water.

It can effectively prevent calcium and magnesium ions in the water from binding to form calcium carbonate (scale), which can effectively keep the inside of the pipeline from fouling and make the heating system safer and more stable.
It can also inhibit the oxidation of iron ions in water, protect the water from the pipe to avoid oxidizing rust, and slowly remove the scaled rust or scale to slow the growth of the moss.
  • It is used in the scale environment which is easy to generate after heating. It can greatly reduce the scale adhering to the wall or the heater, and the scale will become a very fine white powder deposited on the bottom.
  • It will also slowly decompose the existing blocky scale, restore the original heating efficiency, save energy and electricity, and avoid the phenomenon of faucet or lotus root head being blocked by scale.
  • The color reaction caused by the oxidation of excessive iron ions in the water can be avoided.
  • It can reduce the oxidation of substances in the water and slow down the growth of moss.


Filter Features

- Don’t produce sodium, suitable for hypertensive patients and senior citizens
- No salt, no regeneration
- No backwashing and zero discharge
- No discharge salt water, harmless to the environment
- Long-lasting, No maintenance free

(Note: Scale inhibition is different from soft water)

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