LifeTech quick change cartridges filter.

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LQF-502S / Activated carbon block Quick change Cartridges Filter

Filter Spec

Place of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number


Filter Spec.

LQ Cartridges Filter

Filter Material

High density Activated carbon block

Material Origin

High density Activated carbon block : Taiwan


Filter chlorine and odor.
Cyst, Asbestos Reduction

Filter Life (Liters / Months)

25,000 L

Applied to LifeTech LQH-500 or Everpure QL2/QL3 Connector Head

High density activated carbon block :
Port size : nominal 1um, Cyst, Asbestos Reduction
Filter chlorine and odor.
Iodine number > 1000

Why use high density activated carbon block :
Use the 0.5 ~ 1 um high density activated carbon block, relative to the general process.
Can get the following advantages :
1. More filter holes
2. Better adsorption and filtration effect
3. Longer service life
4. Low pressure drop

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