water filter replacement

5 stage quick release purifier replacement

YQX 5 stage quick-release direct drinking water purifier

No discharge of waste water, Zero power, Environmental protection and energy saving.
filter out chlorine and odor, part of pesticides chemicals such in the water.
Filter bacteria, retention minerals, safe and reliable.
Rapid and easy install, applicable home use.

Stage 1- YQF-521 Quick release PP filter cartridge
PP can filter out large particles of sediment in the water and increase the service life of the hollow fiber membrane

Stage 2- YQF-522 Quick release activated carbon block water filter cartridge
Can filter out chlorine and odor, part of pesticides chemicals such in the water.

Stage 3- YQF-523 Ultrafiltration (hollow fiber membrane) filter
Each filtration pore size of the ultrafiltration is 0.1 micron, and the smallest bacteria are greater than 0.2 micron;
So it is almost impossible to have bacteria pass through the filter.
Keep beneficial minerals and keep drinking water safe.

Stage 4- YQF-525 ion exchange resin or phosphate
YQF-525R can soften water quality or
YQF-525P can inhibit scale

Stage 5- You can choose mineral ball filter cartridge or magnetized filter cartridge

Why Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration membrane pore size only 0.1 micron, while the smallest bacteria is larger than 0.2 micron. The filter has a very high effectiveness in removing bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli) and in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia).


quick release ultrafiltration water filter replacement

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