Do you drink bottled water or tap water when leaving home?
You only need to fill tap water, drinking fountains or stream water.

Water Filtration Technology

The Pocket portable water filter has a pore size of 0.1 micron, while the smallest bacteria is larger than 0.2 micron. Pocket portable water filter has a very high effectiveness in removing bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli) and in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia).

In addition to bacteria and parasites, it can also filter out microplastics,
But minerals are not removed from the water by the Pocket Filter (portable water).

  • Using NSF 61 Certified & FDA Approved PSF
  • Using NSF 42 Certification Hollow Fiber
  • Excellent hydrophilic and chlorine-resistant
  • No chemical additive for preservation
  • High flux asymmetric struture
  • Embedded air vent fiber, avoids choked flow

the portable water filter use ultrafiltration water filter technology.

The technology is widely used in the food industry and the dialysis medical field.

portable water filter can filter 3000 bottles emergency water filter.
1 pocket filter = 3000 bottles

Inspection Report

Portable water filter passed SGS inspection     Ultrafiltration water filter pore size only 0.1um

Product Family

WTF-011 Ultrafiltration portable water filter for emergency water
WTF-012 Ultrafiltration portable water filter for campaign
WTF-013 Ultrafiltration portable water filter for travel
WTF-011 Pocket Filter
(portable water filter)

Gray Color (WTF-011)
WTF-012 Pocket Filter
(portable water filter)

Pink Color (WTF-012)
WTF-013 Pocket Filter
(portable water filter)

Apple Green Color (WTF-013)
US$ 36-
by post parcel
US$ 36-
by post parcel
US$ 36-
by post parcel

Specifications :
- Material : Ultrafiltration (Hollow fiber membrane)
- Pocket water filter Size : 46mm(D) x 130mm(L)
- Pocket water filter Weight : 120g
- Package :
  Pocket water filter (portable water purifier) *1
  Pocket water filter (portable water purifier) Tap adapter *1

Effect :
Pocket water filter (portable water purifier) using only 0.1 micron Ultrafiltration (Hollow Fiber Membrane),
very effective filter out bacteria and protozoa.

Application :
climbing, camping, hikinging, upstream, school, dormitory, emergency....

Method of use :
PET bottle filter, kettle filter , taps filter, simple water purifiers....

Filter Bottle

450 liter portable water filter bottle
450 liter blue portable water filter bottle
650 liter portable water filter bottle
650 liter blue portable water filter bottle
450ml Filter Bottle
450ml Filter Bottle
Translucent blue
650ml Filter Bottle
650ml Filter Bottle
Translucent blue

More Family

Filter Cleaning Fungicides

Applied to domestic

Apply portable water filter to home water filter
Combine different material filter modules to become your cartridge.

Shopping On Line

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How To Use


Portable Water Filter Applications


2020 iTW Green Project
TAIWAN EXPO 2018 in Indonesia
2016 M-Go Carnival Taiwan
2016 TaiSPO Excellence A0437 LifeTech Pocket Filter (portable water purifier).
2016 TaiSPO Excellence Award Presentation Pocket Filter (portable water purifier).
Pocket Filter (portable water purifier) wins 2016 TaiSPO Excellence Award.
Welcome to Taipei Int'l Sporting Goods Show (TaiSPO). A0437 Pocket Filter (portable water purifier)
2016《SPORTS Trader》Pocket Filter (portable water purifier)
Filter sponsor plan for university climbing clubs.

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FAQ and Download

portable water Q&A                                     

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E-NETWAY LTD is committed to safe drinking water solution.
In addition to the Pocket Filter (portable water filter), household purifier, but also develop community-based micro waterworks and mini desalination equipment, providing safe drinking water quality.

We can provide
 - Pocket Filter (portable water filter)
 - Home Filtration Systems (Home filters)
 - Commercial filters
 - Custom filters
 - Micro-Waterworks

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modular design can provide different options by environment.

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